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What is the maximum wireless range of the Smart Water system?

2-4km is the standard range, however up to 10km to 15km is achievable with the optional extended range Yagi antenna and accessories

Do I need to change the batteries in the tank module?

No, the tank unit is completely sealed. The battery is continuously recharged by the solar panel on top of the product. The tank unit will operate for up to 3-6 months without any direct sunlight. If your tank has no access to sunlight (ie under the house), then you will require a mains powered tank unit...

What is the maximum tank depth the system will work with?

6.4M is the maximum depth the system will measure. However, custom depth systems are available on request. Please contact Smart Water for more information.

Will the wall mount unit fit into a standard flush box?

The Smart Water wall mount LCD unit is designed to fit easily into any standard Clipsal or PDL flush box. Mounting accessories are provided with your starter pack. Alternatively a 50mm hole can be made in the wall and the wall mount LCD unit can be easily mounted directly onto the wall surface.

Can Smart Water measure water from more than one tank?

Yes. Up to NINE seperate tanks can be monitored from one LCD unit. Each tank will need a tank unit installed. Please refer to the user manual for adding additional tanks to the system. For more than four tanks, a second LCD unit can be added into the system.

Will reception be reduced if trees or walls are in between the tank and the LCD unit?

Any wireless system will have range/reception reduced by obstacles. Similar to the poor reception of radio stations in valleys. Smart Water recommends minimising obstructions in the direct path of the wireless signal. Reception can be improved by the use of the Smart Water high power Yagi antenna.

Will the battery in the tank unit run flat if it is cloudy?

No. The battery will re-charge at a slower rate in cloudy conditions but it will not run flat. Exposure to direct sunlight is of course recommended for maximum charging performance.

Can I install the Smart Water system myself?

Yes. The Smart Water system is designed to be very easy to install. No technical skills are required. Smart Water does recommend reading the user manual in detail prior to starting any installation. As with any electrical outlet, the wall mount LCD unit should be installed by a qualified electrician.

What happens if there is a power cut or the power to the LCD is interrupted?

Nothing. Once power is restored the LCD unit will communicate with your tank and previous readings/data will be restored to the screen automatically. No data will be lost and you will not need to re-connect the LCD to the tank unit.

How long does Smart Water take to learn my water usage?

Smart Water will start storing and calculating your water usage and trends from the moment it is installed. The longer the system is running the more intuitive and “smart” the system will become.

When will Smart Water detect a water leak in my system?

Smart Water will provide a user alert for abnormal usage (leaks) after approximately 3-4 hours.

Does the tank unit need to be installed horizontally on the tank?

No, the tank unit can be installed on any angle or position on the tank (or off the tank). Access to direct sunlight is recommended for best charging performance for the solar panel.

Does the system work with underground tanks?

Yes. Smart Water will work with all types of tanks both freestanding and underground. The solar powered tank unit can also be configured to operate from mains power. Please contact Smart Water for more information.

Can Smart Water control my water pump?

Yes. The Smart Water product range includes a fully automatic pump controller. Your system comes with the pump control software already loaded. Simply purchase the Smart Water Wireless Pump Controller, connect it to your system and you will have full control of your water pump.

Can I put the tank sender into a fast transmit mode?

Yes. Simply push the button on the base of the tank unit and the system will go into a fast transmit mode. This is especially useful when intially installing the system.