The replacement antenna arrived today and everything is working again. I have made a donation to our local dog shelter in the name of Smartwater.

Many thanks for your help and excellent customer service, believe me living in Spain it's a refreshing change!

May I take this opportunity of wishing you, your family and company a happy Christmas and a peaceful new year.


Ian Carrington, Spain

Dear Smart Water

This is Judith from Kohukohu… we just wanted to tell you that the system was perfectly easy to install and started working right away. Easier than updating my computer!

Thanks a lot. Our minds rest easier now we can see exactly what is going on with the tanks and water.

Jude and Goran

Jude and Goran, Kohukohu

To Whom It May Concern

I have been customers of Smart Water for 5 years and in this time I have been most impressed with their product / customer service.

I live in a rural location and rely on this technology,   should I require the Smart Water team we can always get hold of them, on the very rare occasion this has extended over the weekend.

Smart Water is a very professional company to deal with, they fully understand the importance of true customer service.

I have always recommended Smart Water Systems in the past and will continue to do so.

Yours Sincerely

Charlie Clark

Charlie Clark, Tauranga

I purchased a Smart Water tank system at the 2011 Fieldays. I purchased it because it is New Zealand  made and it will save us at least one hours work per day and enable us to easily check tank levels at a glance. Other things I liked about it was that it has a one year guarantee, has great after sales support and it is just so GOOD! I will be buying a second unit as it has exceeded my expectations.

Bruce Beaton, Farm Manager, Broomfield Estate

We have been extremely impressed with the Smart Water SW800 wireless tank measuring system since it was installed. It has completely eliminated the constant hassle we had previously to moniter the water levels in a busy Kindergarten. Instead of climbing onto the tank to check water levels, we now simply pass the kitchen where a small screen clearly shows us the current status of our tank levels. It  lets us know when we need to order more water with plenty of time to do so. As a Kindergarten, we highly recommend this time saving product!

Alison Norton, Head Teacher, Clevedon Kindergarten

After reading about this system in the Waikato times (during Fieldays) I was really keen to try it in our plant in Matamata.  The first thing that grabbed me was the simplicity of the system and then of course the price.  With no need or budget to go high tech with scada-type systems, this seemed to be the way to go. The team at Smart Water took the time to meet me on site and explained to me how to do the setup.  We got everything going in a lot less time than I initially planned for.  All this could probably have been done over the phone – IT IS THAT SIMPLE! Now I can see at a glance what the water levels are up to, what the usage is like and whether the tank is filling or emptying. The next move for me will be to get the wireless pump control. Not only is this a “uniquely Kiwi product” as stated by Mr Harris in the newspaper, it is also very affordable and so simple it makes you wonder why no one has done it before!

Frik Morkel, Inghams Chicken, Matamata

We have had Smart Water for over two years now and we absolutely love it. One of the first things we look at in the mornings is the Smart Water LCD screen to see what our water situation is like. It is cool to see how much water we have gathered with overnight rainfall. We have two young kids in our house and in one instance Smart Water saved us from losing a lot of water by alerting us that one of the kids had left the toilet flushing continuously! Thank goodness for having the system!

Samantha and Hamish Sutherland, Beachlands

We have had Smart Water installed now for over 12 months and absolutely love it. We can see when our usage is too high and we are at risk of running out of water. Smart Water has reduced the number of times we have had to purchase water this summer. We think the system is fantastic and recommend it to anyone on tank water!

Tony and Jill Hale, Clevedon

I am amazed at the accuracy and the performance of this system. It is easy to install, easy to use and has virtually zero maintenance. It is certainly a talking point in our home as well. Everyone who sees our Smart Water system wants one too!

Mike Moffatt, Pukekohe

This is a big thank you to you and your team for continued concern and support while making our Smart Water system work efficiently. As you know we had some issues with our woolshed and trees in the firing line but your team have kept me informed all along and have worked hard to make the system work as it is intended. Often is the case when a city company supplies an out of town client they are put on the bottom of the fix it list. This has not been the evident in my dealings with Smart Water and I thank you for that. The system works well and is very easy to use.

Kevin Farmilo, Otorohonga

Further to my email, I have installed the new unit, which seems to be operating correctly, and with a 5 bar signal strength. 

I would like to thank you for your responsiveness, and for replacing the faulty unit with a new one so promptly. I hope you have every success with the business, and the unit certainly is a valuable and time-saving piece of equipment.

David Smith, Cambridge